Mount Lofty, Toowoomba

Facts about DHA’s Mount Lofty Development Application

A thoughtfully masterplanned community.


DHA encourages people to ‘Get the facts’ regarding our Mount Lofty residential Development Application, where we propose 342 residential lots sized from 400m2 to 4,000m2, on a 52-hectare parcel of the former Mount Lofty rifle range site in Toowoomba.

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Traffic upgrades will improve the local area

FACT #1 – DHA will fund a range of Traffic improvements across the local area

FACT #2 – Traffic lights will be installed at the intersection of Stuart and North Streets

FACT #3 – DHA will deliver parking improvements to Rifle Range Road for all residents

FACT #4 – Traffic upgrades consider future growth from all developments – not just Mount Lofty

FACT #5 – New infrastructure improvements will be delivered in time to meet demand

Masterplanning will deliver beneficial outcomes

FACT #6 – The development will comprise 342 house lots over 52 hectares

FACT #7 – The minimum land size will be 400m2, ranging up to 4,000m2

FACT #8 – Over 40% of the development area will have lots sized 800m2 and above

FACT #9 – The development density will be lower than the surrounding area (6.4 homes per hectare versus 8.3)

FACT #10 – DHA will contribute $9m for upgrades to local roads, sewer, water mains and parks.

FACT #11 – There will be a single storey height restriction on Martini Street

More than 86% of land will be preserved and improved

FACT #12 – DHA will decontaminate and remediate the site for everyone to enjoy

FACT #13 – DHA will preserve heritage elements including the fig tree and rifle target trench

​FACT #14 – DHA will extensively plant new trees across the development area

FACT #15 – DHA will put in place a comprehensive bushfire management plan

FACT #16 – Over 24% of the 52-hectare development area will be open space and parks

327 Hectares of land will be protected wildlife habitat

​FACT #17 – DHA will unlock 327 hectares of escarpment land for new parkland

FACT #18 – DHA will effectively manage weeds and pests in new parks

The development will contribute to and enhance the local community

FACT #19 – DHA will create 10kms of walkways including a new escarpment trail

FACT #20 – DHA will provide Defence homes based on demand from local bases

FACT #21 – The public will be able to buy land to build their own homes

FACT #22 – 97 new jobs will be created annually as a result of the development

FACT #23 – $12.6m est. injection into the local economy annually as a result of the development

FACT #24 – DHA will contribute $9m for upgrades to local roads, sewer, water mains and parks

FACT #25 – The natural drainage line will be retained and re-vegetated

FACT #26 – Stormwater will be managed on-site, with no discernible impacts downstream



Note:  Any future development on the DHA Mount Lofty site will be subject to Council and other approvals.